League of Legends Owner is making an Anime about Pro-Gaming in eSports!

A lot of people think Riot games is the sole owner of the most popular pc game and esport title on the planet named League of Legends. However it is actually mostly owned by a chinese company called Tencent. Tencent owns several other gaming companies including Dungeon Fighters Online , CrossFire.Blade and Soul , Smite and many more . Tencent apparently even has stakes in Call of Duty. They are the silent chinese overlords that most do not know rule much of the video game world. But behold the gods have proven benevolent as now they bring us an anime based on eSports.


The anime is based on a chinese novel and is called ‘The King’s Avatar’. The King’s Avatar is an anime adaptation of the 2012 hit internet novel in China depicting the lives and drama of several pro gamers, of their ambitions and struggles both in and out of the game. Many anime fans prefer japanese made animations however it appears quite a bit of money and work has gone into this project which will definitely worth checking out. An anime about an the competitive scene of an industry that surpasses even Hollywood in revenue was only a matter of time. Especially given several mmorpg anime counter parts predating it such as Sword Art Online, Dot Hack , BTOOOM! and several others. Re:Zero -Starting Life in Another World has already proven to be the breakout anime of 2016 proving there is indeed a huge market in the demographic of gamers and anime fans.

You can check out the trailer for yourself right here .